Can Your Lipstick Heal You?

This post if part of the Sense-sational Challenge set by Litebeing Chronicles for the month of November.


A few years ago I was going through a very bad time personally and a friend invited me to a crystal workshop. I was curious and it sounded like something fun to do with friends. It seemed like a good way to distract me from, or maybe let me wallow in my issues for a few hours.

It was a comforting space – sweet-smelling, warm and peaceful despite there being about 20 other strangers in the room. I think there was gentle music playing in the background. Even if I had just sat there for a few hours with my friend I probably would have felt better about things. As it happened I proceeded through the workshop reflecting on my difficult situation. At some point in the workshop, the facilitator looked at me and said something along the lines of ‘You need help with being grounded.’ She suggested some stones I should keep around me. I bought one and have kept it near me ever since. I carried it around in my handbag for years. It’s grey and shiny and has a subtle way of catching the light. It feels cool and smooth in the palm of my hand and it reminds me of that day and how far I have come.

I don’t think it was a conscious decision that I needed to be more grounded but if I look back I have developed a preference over the years for anything that changes my focus from what I am obsessing about in my mind to the present moment. There are many grounding exercises out there to choose from. My favourite method is anything including the African bush at sunset but most of my sunse­­ts currently involve homework and traffic. Methods aligned with mindfulness seem to be the most accessible and encourage awareness of what one is sensing or feeling in the present moment – even if it’s uncomfortable shoes at the end of the day and frustration that the traffic lights are out.

I read recently that studies have shown that during times of economic hardship, sales of cosmetics increase. This got me thinking about my lipsticks. They not only look and make us feel gorgeous, but they often smell and taste delicious and my favourites are the ones with that satisfying click when you close them. You can hold them in your hand and feel their texture on your lips. I also find I tend to choose a colour depending on my mood or what I want to achieve that day. That’s a grounding kit all-in-one! And best of all you can keep it with you all the time. Am I saying that lipstick can heal you? No. You can heal you, but a new lipstick just might help keep you in the moment while you’re on your way!


The next post in the Sense-sational Challenge can be found here.


3 thoughts on “Can Your Lipstick Heal You?

  1. Thank you Liz for your lovely post. I like your unique insight which gives me something new to contemplate. Could you check my blogging challenge post in a couple days so you can change your link to the next blogger? That way readers can follow along.

    thanks again, Linda

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